Clinical – Cervical sample-taker

This section specifically focuses on Clinical – Cervical sample-takers (previously referred to as accredited screen-takers/smear-takers). This includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners and enrolled nurses who have completed NZQA training in cervical screening as well as doctors and midwives.

Visit the Te Whatu Ora website for current information about NCSP HPV Primary Screening:


The information below is provided only as archive reference material.

We will soon be moving to the Te Whatu Ora website where you can find information about the NCSP Transition to HPV Primary Screening.


What is changing?

In the initial stage, Clinical – Cervical sample-takers will undergo training on HPV primary screening to become proficient in the new procedures. This includes providing support to individuals during informed consent discussions and conducting the new HPV primary screening tests.

Throughout this process, Clinical – Cervical sample-takers will continue to follow the existing protocols, utilising the support phone numbers as needed.

Below is a comprehensive 2-pager on what is changing for thr HPV primary screening in general practice.   

         HPV Primary Screening in General Practice – What’s Changing?


Page last updated: 13 March 2023