Laboratory staff

This page presents information specific to two audience groups: laboratory staff and health professionals seeking resources about laboratory.

Visit the Te Whatu Ora website for current information about NCSP HPV Primary Screening:


The information below is provided only as archive reference material.

We will soon be moving to the Te Whatu Ora website where you can find information about the NCSP Transition to HPV Primary Screening.


What is changing?

In the initial phase, laboratory staff will successfully complete their training and have a thorough understanding of the updated Clinical Practice Guidelines and the proper usage of the new recommendation codes. They will effectively communicate this information to Public Health Organisations (PHOs) and individuals responsible for conducting screenings.

In addition, they will be fully equipped to provide HPV swab tests to accredited sample-takers, such as Primary Care providers, and conduct tests for HPV, cytology, and histology.

They will be utilising the new HL7 message format and establishing a direct connection with the NCSP-Register using the new H-Codes. This means that they will no longer be connecting via the Connected Health platform.


Page last updated: 06 July 2015