This page presents information about colposcopy.

Visit the Te Whatu Ora website for current information about NCSP HPV Primary Screening:


The information below is provided only as archive reference material.

We will soon be moving to the Te Whatu Ora website where you can find information about the NCSP Transition to HPV Primary Screening.


What is changing?

Colposcopy professionals will be well-prepared and confident in their understanding of the guidelines, ensuring they can adapt to any potential changes in volume resulting from the introduction of HPV primary screening.

They will have the ability to access NCSP-Register data using new SNOMED Codes in Gynae+. Additionally, they will have read-only access to the NCSP-Register for viewing screening histories.

Gynae+ will be utilised to manage colposcopy appointments, patient information, clinical data, and to send HL7 messages, in alignment with existing procedures.

Page last updated: 28 November 2014