Changes to ordering NSU information resources

NSU resources are available to order from HealthEd
The National Screening Unit (NSU) produces a range of information resources to support your conversations with women and their family and whānau.

We have changed the way our resources are distributed to practices nationally.

Please ensure your practices know about this important change.

NSU pamphlets are no longer supplied on MediBoard. This change has been made to ensure the National Screening Unit is aligned with the general process for ordering resources across the Ministry of Health.

From now on, you will need to order pamphlets for:

  • BreastScreen Aotearoa
  • National Cervical Screening Programme
  • Antenatal and Newborn screening programmes.

How to order resources
Online – HealthEd is the easiest way to access and order pamphlets, booklets and posters containing consumer information relating to the above programmes. Resources are available to order from HealthEd’s website at

By phone/email – Health Promotion Agency (HPA) authorised providers can also provide you with resources. To order from the authorised provider nearest to you, visit

We encourage you to continue to order relevant resources to help the women in your care.

When you order NSU resources directly, please do not display them on MediBoard because that space will be reserved by another organisation.

If you have any queries, please email the NSU’s Communications Advisor on [email protected].

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Page last updated: 13 December 2016