Monitoring reports

Monitoring Reports are produced by the National Screening Unit, based on screening and audiology information provided by UNHSEIP providers – the district health boards (DHBs). The UNHSEIP Advisory Group reviews the draft Monitoring Reports, and makes recommendations.

The draft Reports, with recommendations, are then sent to DHBs for their comment, corrections on matter of fact, and for them to respond to any specific recommendations.  Responses to recommendations are published alongside the finalised Monitoring Reports.

Monitoring Framework

This framework outlines the indicators for monitoring the performance of the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (UNHSEIP).

The monitoring framework is a plan for the routine, systematic collection and recording of information about aspects of the programme over time and covers the entire pathway from newborn screening to audiology assessment to early medical and education intervention services. The 2009 framework is centred around the UNHSEIP ‘1-3-6’ goals and was updated in 2015 to align with the change in the screening protocols to automated auditory brainstem response (aABR) screening only.

Regular monitoring against standard indicators helps to assess whether programme aims and objectives are being met and informs continuous quality improvement of all components of the programme pathway.

Page last updated: 12 January 2017