Patient Management Systems

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The information below is provided only as archive reference material.

Changes to PMS systems

As part of preparation for the transition to HPV primary screening PMS vendors are making the necessary changes to their systems. 


The HPV Primary Screening Project has been working closely with PMS vendors (Medtech, Indici, IntraHealth and MyPractice) to ensure they have the information they need to make the required changes to enable the new primary cervical screening test from September 12.

These include

  • changes to the current lab request form to accommodate the new primary screening test
  • ability to record the results from the HPV test and recommendation (how this looks varies from vendor to vendor)
  • update to the screening interval for asymptomatic people from three years to five years 
  • updates where required to reflect funded groups​

All vendors will supply release notes and user documentation, and contact details for support as per their standard processes for change. Please work with your vendor to support getting these updates into your practice system in time for the new test.

The result message from the laboratories into the PMS systems will contain the new recommendation codes and descriptions as per the interim clinical guidelines.

Indici and Medtech use Cervical Screening Outcome or Measurement codes to record the screening event and to set the recall date – these are manually set by the clinician.

MyPractice & IntraHealth will use these new recommendation codes to support the clinician in setting the next recall date.

Here are the website links for these PMS vendors.


Page last updated: 19 July 2023