Communicating online via the Time to Screen Facebook page

The Time to Screen Facebook page
The Time to Screen Facebook page
The Time to Screen Facebook page is where people can find out more about the breast and cervical screening programmes, read about other women's experiences, ask questions and connect with each other.

More and more people are contacting BreastScreen Aotearoa and the National Cervical Screening Programme through the private messaging option on the Time to Screen Facebook page. Sometimes they share their personal experience, other times they want to ask a question.

Recently, a woman sent a private message to the Facebook page over the weekend, wanting to know where she could find BreastScreen because she had an appointment but couldn’t find the mobile unit. She had travelled for over an hour to be there and was worried that she would have to turn around and go back home without being screened.

Turns out the event was a special screening day so it was being held elsewhere. After a few phone calls to the team, we managed to connect her with them and she was screened that day.

The team that manages the Facebook page is always on the lookout for great stories to promote, as well as great examples of the work being done by providers across the country.

If you know of anyone who is willing to share their breast or cervical screening story or if you want to promote an upcoming event, please email

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Page last updated: 12 April 2018