NCSP Register Central Team update

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The e-colposcopy project is well underway.
The Register Central team (RCT) has been very busy over the last few months ensuring continued progress on the e-colposcopy project.

Electronic colposcopy project making great progress

Five district health boards (DHBs) and one private colposcopy clinic are now live and sending colposcopy data electronically to the National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) Register. The changes required to record data for the new Colposcopy Standards in both the NCSP Register and Gynae Plus are well underway and testing is scheduled to be undertaken between the two systems within the next couple of months.

Proposal to extend secure file transfer service

A Secure File Transfer (SFTP) function is currently used between the Ministry and RCT for the secure transfer of large files of sensitive data. The Ministry of Health is proposing extending access via the FileZilla client between DHBs, colposcopy clinics, Regional Services and the Register Central team. This initiative will mean the Register Central Team can request and receive missing or corrected data from colposcopy clinics with increased security and efficiency. This will be a vast improvement on the current method of faxing information. Benefits will also be seen with the delivery of data requests via Filezilla versus password protected CDs.

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Page last updated: 26 February 2014