Many advantages for private provider in electronic colposcopy reporting

Dr Rachel Moss
Dr Rachel Moss expects electronic reporting to save her considerable time.
Whangarei’s Dr Rachel Moss is the country’s first private colposcopist to switch to electronic colposcopy reporting.

A colposcopy management tool has been added to the Gynaecology Plus software used by most DHBs. It provides full reporting to the National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) Register at the click of a button and meets the electronic reporting requirements.

Dr Moss says she has been using Gynaecology Plus for many years with the aim of being able to send reports electronically, so was really keen to use electronic messaging once it became available.

As a sole practitioner, until now, Dr Moss was manually sending – and sometimes resending – the colposcopy forms to the NCSP Register herself. “I’d print out the forms and fax them in batches, which takes a lot of time. Sometimes some of the faxes wouldn’t go through but I didn’t necessarily know which ones, so it could be a bit chaotic and very time consuming.”

Dr Moss has been trialling sending the reports electronically over the last few weeks. “Everything is working well, so I’m now sending them as I enter them.

“I’ll be doing them more often now. If I can do a few at a time, it will hopefully mean fewer queries about results as well.”

The colposcopy management tool will also capture the data required for C-QuIP, the Quality Improvement Programme of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

The National Screening Unit (NSU) is leading the project to transition all DHB colposcopy services which use Gynaecology Plus to electronic colposcopy reporting.

NCSP Programme Manager Emma Mold says colposcopy is central to the successful diagnosis and treatment of cervical abnormalities.

“Accurate and reliable data is essential to monitor colposcopy services and ensure the clinical safety of women.

“A number of district health boards have made the switch to electronic colposcopy reporting and it’s great to see private providers, such as Dr Moss, also making the switch.”

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Page last updated: 30 October 2013