New auditors looking forward to collaborating on quality standards for screening programmes

Monday, August 10, 2020 - 14:40

Janice McEwan, co-founder of the DAA Group, which has been appointed as the National Screening Unit's new independent quality auditors, says it’s an honour to be working with the Ministry’s screening teams.

‘As health professionals, we know the importance of early detection and what a vital role screening programmes play in our health system.’

Janice, and her business partner Cathy Cummings, were both nurses before founding the DAA Group in 2003, when new Health and Disability Service Standards replaced voluntary standards.

‘We see ourselves embarking on a journey with the NSU and providers to review processes and identify good practice and opportunities for improvement. Improved systems and processes will help to ensure services are safe and client-centred.

‘This is very much a collaborative process. We know about audit and standards and the NSU knows about its programmes, and what’s important, so we need to work together to develop good audit processes that underpin the safety, quality and integrity of those programmes.’

The DAA Group has offices in Christchurch and Wellington and services over 650 clients across the Health and Disability sector, from single rest homes to district health boards including National multiple services providers.

NSU staff can look forward to meeting Janice and Cathy as part of preparation for the new audit process.  Detailed planning work has commenced and will move to the active audit phase early in 2021.

Page last updated: 10 August 2020