Colposcopy nurses

The National Cervical Screen Programme (NCSP) policies and standards require that a lead colposcopy nurse is named at each colposcopy clinic.

Colposcopy nurses work in both public and private clinics and are important health practitioners working in the NCSP in New Zealand.

Responsibilities of lead colposcopy nurses

Under Section 6: Providing a Colposcopy Service of the NCSP policies and standards, there are general requirements that colposcopy nurses should become familiar with and incorporate into their practice.

Colposcopy nurses should attend multidisciplinary meetings with colposcopists, pathologists and other colposcopy staff for regular discussions of cases.

Relevant policies in Section 6 in summary

The relevant policies are

  • Support for women policy: Colposcopy services must be available and appropriate for all women and ensure that an individual woman's needs are met. For Māori women the Crown has duties and responsibilities to ensure improved health outcomes, and service providers have an obligation to fulfil these responsibilities. Colposcopy services must be appropriate and supportive of women from all ethnic groups and must ensure cultural competence throughout the service. Colposcopy services are also required to meet the diverse needs of women of all ages and sexual orientations.
  • Providing information to women during and after a colposcopy visit policy: Colposcopy services must ensure that an experienced nurse or support person is available to all women during and after the consultation.

Relevant standards in Section 6 in summary

The relevant standard in Section 6 in summary is:

  • Standard 610: The colposcopy service must ensure that there is at least one named lead colposcopy clinic nurse who has gynaecology skills and experience and whose role is determined in consultation with the lead colposcopist and/or service manager, is without concurrent duties in other clinics and oversees colposcopy clinic nurses in satellite clinics in conjunction with the attending colposcopist.
Page last updated: 03 December 2014