Regional services

The National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) uses HPV testing as the primary screening test.


Visit the Te Whatu Ora website for current information about NCSP HPV Primary Screening:


The information below is provided only as archive reference material.

Participants and health professionals can contact National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) Regional Services on free phone 0800 729 729.


Regional Services can help with:

  • updating your details
  • cervical screening queries
  • information on alternative cervical screening options in the area
  • a request for your cervical screening history.

Contact your health provider if you have any queries about your test results.

Health professionals

Regional Services can help with:

  • updating participant details
  • providing cervical screening histories
  • providing Quality of Smears reports
  • setting up new health professionals or health facilities on the NCSP Register
  • providing assistance with NCSP Register data
  • providing training and ongoing support to NCSP Register users.


Resources for Register Administrators are available from the Resources page.

You can contact the NCSP Regional Services – Health promoter on 0800 729 729 for additional information regarding resources.

User and technical support for the NCSP Register is available via the NCSP National Coordination Centre, free phone 0800 50 60 50.

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