HPV primary screening sector resources

This page provides easy access to a range of documents and resources relating to the HPV Primary Screening Project. It will be regularly updated as new information and materials become available.
Information on our website about the HPV screening programme is currently in the process of being updated. Please be aware that the below information may be outdated as we transition to new HPV primary screening process. Our team is working hard to ensure the most accurate and up to date details are made available. We anticipate having this new information live by the end of June.

HPV Road to Roll Out Information Pack

The Road to Roll Out Information Pack is a comprehensive online resource that provides an overview of the implementation approach of the HPV screening programme. The transition to HPV primary screening will be achieved in a phased approach – three phases in total -- with 26 July being the first day when HPV testing becomes Aotearoa’s primary screening test for cervical cancer prevention.

The first phase from late July is the Foundational Step. In this phase participants will be able to choose a self or clinician- taken swab, or an LBC sample which will first be tested for HPV, and if HPV is detected cytology will be performed. New clinical pathways and the new NCSP-Register will be established. There will be a particular focus on Māori and Pacific participants and increasing screening in the under- or unscreened populations.

The second phase will be called Expanding Reach and will extend from August to December. The focus is on getting more people onto the screening pathway through notifications and new approaches, including under and unscreened populations both not enrolled in primary care and those enrolled. Better information on screening histories will be available.

The third phase will be called Full Benefit and will extend to March 2024. This is where the full future vision of HPV primary screening will be achieved. A more complete pool of participants will be encouraged into screening, increasing our screening coverage, patient experience and whānau satisfaction. All workforces involved in providing HPV primary screening services will have access to the right information to do their role in supporting wāhine and whānau.


Goodfellow Unit webinar materials

These documents are based on a webinar delivered to the Goodfellow Unit in September 2022. They provide information about the why, what and when of the HPV Primary Screening Project:

  • The original webinar slides, as presented by Dr John McMenamin, Primary Care Lead for the National Screening Unit.

Goodfellow HPV primary screening webinar presentation September 2022

  • The video of the original webinar, as presented by Dr John McMenamin, Primary Care Lead for the National Screening Unit.

Goodfellow HPV primary screening webinar video September 2022

  • A comprehensive response to questions raised during and following the webinar.

Goodfellow Unit HPV Primary Screening questions and answers

  • An expanded version of the information, further contributed to by Dr Margaret Sage, Cytopathologist, Clinical Lead – Pathology, National Cervical Screening Programme.

Moving to HPV Testing for Primary Cervical screening


ScreenSouth presentation materials

ScreenSouth Stakeholder Hui December 2022 questions and answers

ScreenSouth Canterbury and South Canterbury Screen-takers' Update, November 2022 questions and answers


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