Goodfellow Unit Webinar

Information and materials relating to the Goodfellow Unit HPV primary cervical screening webinar, presented 20 September 2022.

These materials provide summary information about the National Cervical Screening Porgramme's transition to HPV primary screening.

The content includes:

  • The original webinar slides, as presented by Dr John McMenamin, Primary Care Lead for the National Screening Unit.

Goodfellow HPV primary screening webinar presentation September 2022

  • The recording of the webinar.

Cervical screening update | Goodfellow Unit

  • A comprehensive response to questions raised during and following the webinar.

Goodfellow Unit HPV Primary Screening questions and answers

  • An expanded version of the information, further contributed to by Dr Margaret Sage, Cytopathologist, Clinical Lead – Pathology, National Cervical Screening Programme.

Moving to HPV Testing for Primary Cervical screening

This information covers the why, what and when of the HPV Primary Screening Project.

Page last updated: 02 November 2022