The role of the BSA Quality Co-ordinator

The Quality Co-ordinator, on behalf of the Clinical Director and Lead Provider Manager, co-ordinates the operation of the quality management systems within their Lead Provider region.

This is expected to be a part-time role and can be one that is combined with another role, providing there is no conflict of interest.

The Quality Co-ordinator helps ensure that systems and protocols exist with Lead Providers and subcontracted sites to meet quality requirements.

The Quality Co-ordinator will assist professional groups, the Manager and Clinical Director to:

  • ensure the National Policy and Quality Standards (NPQS) are met
  • co-ordinate corrective actions where Standards are not met
  • ensure the organisation's quality plan is current, implemented, monitored and evaluated
  • ensure the recommendations stemming from the BreastScreen Aotearoa (BSA) Independent Monitoring Group reports are responded to
  • facilitate internal quality improvement activities
  • organise quality-related meetings on a regular basis, maintaining a record of these including attendance and outcomes
  • manage internal document control of NPQS across all sites including subcontractors.

Liaison requirements

The Quality Co-ordinator liaises with the Clinical Director and Lead Provider Manager to:

  • document protocols and processes and plan or timetable for all internal audit requirements
  • provide comparisons of Provider data with external audit, with a focus on BSA Independent Monitoring Group Reports
  • ensure the effective provision of clinical performance information
  • develop and facilitate and monitoring of the quality plan on a quarterly basis.

The Quality Co-ordinator liaises with the lead Clinicians to ensure analysis of individual staff performance measures. Such information is confidential within the respective professional group(s).

The Quality Co-ordinator liaises with the Charge MIT to:

  • review MQA data to monitor effective operation of the screening process
  • ensure analysis of individual staff performance measures. Such information remains confidential within the professional group.

The Quality Co-ordinator liaises with the Data Manager to:

  • verify protocols for determining all audit and performance data
  • review all Programme data for anomalous results
  • ensure analysis of performance data by individual sites, where appropriate
  • ensure the resolution of all missing, erroneous or suspicious data on a case be case basis.

Quality Co-ordinator expertise

The Quality Coordinator will have demonstrated an ability in implementing quality and audit systems, and will have experience in a health-related field and/or a qualification in quality management such as the Certificate of Quality Assurance.

Professional Requirements

A full description of the professional requirements for quality co-ordinators working the in the BSA programme is in Criterion 8.13 of the National Policy & Quality Standards (NPQS).

Page last updated: 01 May 2023