BreastScreen Aotearoa Workforce

Breast screening is a team activity and success depends on leadership and team work from all participants.

The provision of a quality breast screening service and an expert multidisciplinary approach requires specific key roles which are mandatory.

These roles are detailed in this section of the website. A full list of requirements of each role, including specific responsibilities, professional standards, quality and continuing professional development, are specified in the relevant National Policy and Quality Standards criterion. All professional requirements must be included in job descriptions and be subject to performance appraisals.

Mandatory roles include:

The BreastScreen Aotearoa (BSA) Lead Provider, subcontractors and Independent Service Providers must maintain an up-to-date list of all personnel filling mandated BSA roles within their region.

The BSA provider may choose to provide additional expertise in addition to the mandatory roles listed above in order to meet specific needs of women receiving their services.

Further information regarding BSA workforce roles and responsibilities is available in the Breastscreen Aotearoa National Policy and Quality Standards 2013 (Revised November 2022)

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Page last updated: 01 May 2023